newnetworkingThe methods we use to communicate are rapidly expanding. No longer do we rely on one device with limited reach to deliver the capabilities we expect. In today’s evolving society, we communicate through mobile devices and a growing list of applications. The variety allows us to move around without losing access to what matters.

But what good is all this new technology without an infrastructure that supports it?

The key to making this constant transition take place without impacting the quality of your service is to ensure there is a networking system that can handle today’s communication climate.

We can do that.

Avaya networking has developed an end-to-end, standards-driven network virtualization technology that improves performance and keeps hardware costs low.

It’s the future of communication. It’s exciting.

“Working with TLX on the implementation of our new Avaya phone system was great. They took care of everything, including the new data switches, cabling, and even the training of our end users. The entire process was smooth and seamless, and right on budget. Our remote users are now completely integrated on our system, lowering our long distance costs and improving efficiency — they even arranged financing for the whole deal at zero percent. We highly recommend TLX to anyone.” 

John Foucault, President/CEO

Points North 

Networking Capabilities

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Virtual services platform
Future proof networking


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